Your question: How do I know if my windshield is soundproof?

What is a noise isolating windshield?

The acoustic windshield uses a sheet of specially developed acoustic vinyl sandwiched between two layers of glass. It reduces noise levels by 6 dB at specific frequencies and 2 to 3 dB overall. Not only do acoustic windshields reduce noise, but they also contribute to better fuel economy.

What type of glass is soundproof?

There are two types of soundproof glass: the double-glazing type that combines soundproofing and insulating properties, and the laminated glass type that combines soundproofing and security performance.

How do I know if I have a solar windshield?

You may have infrared-reflective windshield glass on your vehicle if this is the case. You might be able to tell by the purple-ish haze that appears when viewed from outside the vehicle, but this solar glass is more than an anti-glare windshield.

Does acoustic glass make a difference?

Not only is acoustic glass ideal for noise reduction, but it also increases the strength of your glass, making it much more secure than your standard glass.

Does acoustic glass reduce noise?

Acoustic glass is that which reduces noise levels considerably. It does this due to the way it is constructed, with laminated glass, two (or possibly more) panes of glass and a bonded internal layer to absorb sound and vibration.

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How effective is acoustic glass?

Acoustic glazing units, such as Guardian LamiGlass Acoustic can deliver a noise reduction factor of up to 54dB in their triple glazing units and 52dB in the double glazed unit.

Do soundproof windows work?

Yes! Soundproof Windows significantly reduce sound, regardless of what your current window design is. For a look at how Soundproof Windows work with your existing windows to stop noise, please see our Noise Reduction Comparison page.

What do sound proof windows look like?

These dual-pane windows feature two panes of 3mm glass. By adding more windowpanes, there are more layers of insulation which helps to dampen outside noises. Noise reducing windows work by slowing the transfer of sound waves, which makes them seem quieter.

How can I soundproof my windows without replacing them?

In simple terms, a window plug is something which you can create to “plug” into the window from the inside to block sound from entering or leaving the room. The window plug is detachable, which means that it can be removed whenever you want to use the window to let in light and fresh air.