Will AutoZone install a battery for you?

Does AutoZone charge to install batteries?

Autozone installs most batteries for free. As long as they are standard under the hood installs that take 10 min or less.

Do you tip AutoZone for installing battery?

If you don’t tip, it’s the same for battery replacements. It is appreciated.

How much is labor for battery installation?

Depending on the battery location in the car and how long it takes to install, a mechanic can charge $10 to $100 to install the car battery. However, many car part retailers will install the battery free of charge if you buy the battery from them.

Does AutoZone install batteries in the trunk?

Originally Answered: Will AutoZone install batteries? Mostly, yes, with few exceptions: Battery is in the trunk.

How long does it take AutoZone to charge a battery?

Free battery charging

Our Duralast® Fast Charger can charge most automotive batteries in about 30 minutes.

Is it hard to install a car battery?

Changing a car battery is not difficult. However, in modern cars, it’s important to use a computer memory saver before removing the old battery. Many modern vehicles may also require battery coding.

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