How much does it cost to rebuild a 700r4 transmission?

Can I rebuild a 700R4 transmission?

You’ll need a transmission overhaul kit that includes all new clutches, steels, seals, and gaskets like the 700R4 Pro-Super rebuild kit we got from TCI Automotive. If your core tranny is really worn, you may need some “hard parts” like gears, drums, or even a pump that could add big bucks to the cost!

How much is a 700R4 transmission?

700R4 Transmission – $1,595| 5-Year Warranty.

Is transmission rebuild worth it?

Rebuilding a transmission can save you a lot of money over the short-term, while keeping car payments out of your monthly budget. For many, rebuilding their transmission is worth the initial cost. Rebuilding a transmission may cost you twenty-five hundred dollars or more, which is a significant chunk of change.

Is it cheaper to rebuild a transmission or buy one?

A transmission replace is the most expensive option when fixing your transmission. In many cases you will hear this referred to as “re-manufactured.” Basically, the manufacturer will replace parts that have gone bad with modified parts. This is an option if the transmission is too damaged to even consider a rebuild.

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How strong can a 700R4 be built?

In the process, we kept digging deeper into the world of 700s and discovered several more things that can be done to the R4, as well as things that shouldn’t be done. For example, Team Ramco’s “Flashman” Sharrar says that they can be built to withstand up to 850 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque.

What year 700R4 is best?

If you locate more than one of these transmissions, it is best to select the later model TH700R4. Design improvements were constantly added throughout the years it was offered. Generally, 1987 and up TH700R4s or 1990-’93 4L60 units are the most desirable.

Does a 700R4 transmission need a computer?

You need to distinguish between the 700-R4 trans (which can be set up to run without a computer) and its later descendent, the 4L60E family (which is a fully electronic, totally computer-controlled transmission).

Are 700R4 transmissions any good?

The 700R4, produced by General Motors/Hydramatic, is considered one of the best overdrive transmissions ever made. … This transmission had a lower first gear ratio, which was good for performance at low vehicle speeds, while the 30% overdrive provided significant fuel economy improvement.

Is rebuilding a transmission hard?

But rebuilding a transmission on your own is hard and there’s a chance you could damage it beyond repair if you don’t know what you’re doing. Heed our advice; take your vehicle to an experienced transmission rebuild mechanic .

How much is a transmission rebuild kit?

On average, transmission rebuild kits will range anywhere from $50 to $300, with high quality kits from popular brands or kits for luxury cars costing more. A kit definitely beats the cost of a new transmission, and if you have the cahones to do it yourself, you can save a LOT of money.

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How much does it cost to rebuild a transmission yourself?

Rebuild kits are usually priced around $50 to $300, depending on what parts are included and the quality of them. Doing it yourself will cost less than $500 in most cases, although you need the experience and knowledge to do it right.

How long does a transmission rebuild last?

On average, a rebuilt transmission is expected to last between 30,000 – 50,000 miles. If the work is done extremely well and regular maintenance is performed, a transmission rebuild can last as long as the original transmission (120,000 – 200,000 miles on average).

How long does it take to rebuild a transmission?

On average, it takes three to four days to rebuild an automatic transmission. The repair shop should give you an estimate of the amount of time it’s likely to take when you ask them to carry out the work. Most repair shops allow one day for each stage of the process, from removing the transmission to replacing it.

Does a rebuilt transmission need to be broken in?

After installing your freshly rebuilt transmission, breaking in the new clutches is a critical part of the entire process.