Best answer: How do you find the kW of a pump motor?

Pump Power P(kW) = q(m3/hr) x ρ(kg/m3) x g(m2/s) x h(m) x p(Pa) / 3600000.

How do you calculate pump motor kW?

The hydraulic power supplied by a pump is: Power = (P x Q) ÷ 600 – where power is in kilowatts [kW], P is the pressure in bars, and Q is the flow in litres per minute. ** based upon 100% efficiency; 90% efficiency would equate to 75 ÷ 0.9 = 83.3kW.

What is kW pump?

Ph(kW) = hydraulic power (kW) q = flow (m3/h) ρ = density of fluid (kg/m3) g = acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s2)

What is the formula for pump power?

Fluid Power Formulas

Pump Displacement – CIPR Displacement (In.3 / rev.) = Flow Rate (GPM) × 231 / Pump RPM CIPR = GPM × 231 / RPM
Pump Torque – T Torque = Horsepower × 63025 / RPM T = 63025 × HP / RPM
Torque = Pressure (PSIG) × Pump Displacement (CIPR) / 2? T = P × CIPR / 6.28

How many kW does a water pump use?

A typical water pump’s wattage can vary between 250 watts to 1,100 watts. Take the wattage of the specific water pump and multiply it times how many hours a day it runs. Then, multiply it by how many days a year it runs, and divide by 1000. This will give the amount of kilowatt-hours the pump is using.

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How do you calculate kW?

A kilowatt is simply a measure of how much power an electric appliance consumes—it’s 1,000 watts to be exact. You can quickly convert watts (W) to kilowatts (kW) by diving your wattage by 1,000: 1,000W 1,000 = 1 kW.

How do you calculate pump size?

Use the pump flowrate calculation: Divide the container volume by the length of time it took to fill up to get the flow rate. 5 gallons / 1 minute = 5 gallons per minute. 5 gallons /30 seconds (0.5 minutes) = 10 gallons per minute.

What does kW on motor mean?

EV motor power (kW)

The car’s power is fairly straightforward and refers to the electric motor’s maximum output. This is measured in kilowatts (or 1000 watts) just like a normal internal combustion engine (ICE). The higher the kW figure, the more oomph you’ll get at the expense of energy consumption.

What does kW hp mean?

kW — this stands for kilowatt and, in terms of cars, is used most commonly in Europe for electric car power outputs. 1kW is the equivalent to about 1.3hp.

How do you calculate pump horsepower?

How do I calculate pump shaft power?

  1. Multiply the discharge Q with the differential head H .
  2. Multiply the product with the density of the fluid and the acceleration due to the gravity constant.
  3. Divide the resultant with the efficiency of the pump.

How do you calculate watts to RPM?

We’ll use 220 volts for our calculations.


RPM (n) Hertz X 120 Rotor Poles Hertz X 120 Rotor Poles
POWER FACTOR (PF) Actual Watts I X E Actual Watts I X 1.73 X E
HORSEPOWER (HP) I v E X PF 746 X EFF I X E X 1.73 X PF 746 X EFF
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What is pump load?

The back pressure and/or resistance to flow of fluids that a pump must overcome to force a fluid to flow through a pipeline, drill string, etc.

How many kW is a kWh?

1 kWh equals one hour of electricity usage at a rate of 1 kW, and thus the 2 kW appliance would consume 2 kWh in one hour, or 1 kWh in half an hour. The equation is simply kW x time = kWh.

How many watts does a 1hp motor use?

The 1 HP motor consumes 746 Watts regardless of how many hours it is running. Watt and HP are not units of energy. It will consume in 1 hour.