Best answer: How do I stop my car window from making noise?

Why is my car window making noise when I roll it down?

As the power window motor loses life, it has to work harder to produce enough power to roll up or roll down the window. Because the motor is having to work harder, and is now under duress, it will begin to make a notable noise. … When the power window regulator begins to die, it will start to make a whining noise.

Why does my car window make noises?

In most cases, it’s the power window regulator that has failed and is what’s causing all the noise you hear in the door. This means that something within that power window regulator mechanism has broken and the cable has come un-tensioned and is now loose to cause trouble.

What is the best lubricant for car window tracks?

Spray window tracks with silicone spray or dry Teflon. Silicone stays slick even in cold weather, so windows slide smoothly, lessening the wear on your window motors. Lower the window glass and shoot dry Teflon spray down the front, rear and top window channels on each door.

What is the best lubricant for windows?

WD-40 is fine stuff and good for many purposes, but I prefer a spray-on silicone lubricant for window channels. Wax or soap is sometimes recommended, but I think it can cause a buildup that can make windows even more difficult to operate. Silicone spray is available at most hardware stores or home centers.

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How do you lubricate windows?

Lubricate the Sticking Window

  1. Purchase a silicone-based lubricant at a local home improvement store.
  2. Spray the lubricant onto a dry cloth and wipe along the inside and outside window tracks, jamb liner, and weatherstripping.
  3. Open and close the window several times to distribute the lubricant evenly.