What happens if I put power steering fluid in my transmission?

Does power steering fluid hurt transmission?

Electric/Hydraulic power steering fluid is about half the viscosity of mechanical power steering fluid, so would cause severe damage to the gears and bearings of a transmission.

Can I mix power steering fluid with transmission fluid?

Can power steering fluid be mixed with transmission fluid? No, you can not mix power steering fluid with transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is not made for the same purposes as power steering fluid, so you can’t mix the two without risking your power steering pump and your transmission.

What happens if I use power steering fluid instead of ATF?

You will not damage anything with power steering fluid you purchased. If you had a system that used 11s I would say flush it, but I am running the same fluid in my car for a year now with no problems. Will do the same.

What can I substitute for transmission fluid?

Any light weight quality engine oil or hydraulic fluid will work 5 to 10 single weight or multi weigh 5W-30, 10w 30.

Is power steering fluid the same thing as transmission fluid?

A lot of people ask, “Is power steering fluid the same as transmission fluid?” While ATF and power steering fluid are both hydraulic fluids, ATF features different modifiers and detergents that are specifically designed to remove dirt and grease from the transmission system.

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