You asked: How long does it take to build a move bumper?

We have designed our bumper kits to weld together quickly and easily using your truck as the jig and then bolt onto your truck. Experienced fabricators should be able to build a MOVE Bumper in around 4-5 hours (not including the time it takes to remove your stock bumper).

How much does it cost to weld a move bumper?

The company’s weld-it-yourself kits come in three basic styles: Standard ($395), Pre-Runner ($495), and Full-Grill ($750). Each includes cutouts for two sets of square light holes in the wings and a 20-inch lightbar in the face. If you need a 30-inch lightbar hole or a single set of square lights, that adds $50.

How thick is a move bumper?

Made with U.S. 3/16-inch plate steel and our off-road option uses 1/4-inch steel plate for the center section as well as frame mounts.

How hard is it to weld a bumper?

It’s difficult to build a heavy-duty steel bumper yourself without a lot of welding experience. This is because welds crack whenever the parts fit poorly, the weld is contaminated, or the welder is inexperienced. In terms of long-term durability, steel bumpers are most likely to fail at the weld points.

What is a DIY bumper?

Spanning the gap between homemade and pre-fabricated bumpers are DIY weld together kits. These bumpers arrive at your door as precise CNC-cut and bent parts that you then weld together yourself or have a local fabrication shop assemble for you.

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Do move bumpers come assembled?

Made of 3/16-inch plate steel (9 gauge), MOVE heavy duty DIY Bumper Kits come with all the pieces you need to weld your bumper together quickly then easily mount onto your truck or SUV.

How thick is an Iron Cross bumper?

For instance,a low profile Iron Cross Front Bumper is made with 10-gauge (about 9/64” thick) Steel Bumper shell. It’s not meant to do heavy duty work so there’s no need to go overboard with how thick the steel is. On the other hand, a heavy duty Warn Winch Bumper is constructed using 1/4” and 3/16” steel.

What is a pre runner bumper?

What are a Prerunner Front Bumpers? They’re bumpers that have a bull bar or push bar welded onto the front or top for additional strength, support or mounting lights.