Frequent question: Do you need a car seat in a taxi abroad?

Do I need a car seat in a taxi? This is a personal preference – whilst legally you don’t require a car seat for a taxi in SOME countries/states, it can be unpractical having to carry one around with you wherever you go. You may want to consider a travel booster for these times.

How do you take a baby in a taxi on holiday?

The law is that in a licenced taxi or mini cab, children under 3 years of age can travel without a child’s car seat or seat belt, but only in the back seats. Children aged 3 years or older can travel without a child’s car seat if they wear an adult seat belt.

Does a baby need a car seat in a taxi in Spain?

The law in Spain requires that a baby or young child be secured with a child safety seat when being transported in the car. If you do not wish to bring your own child safety seat, then ask the attendant at the taxi rank to find you a taxi with a child safety seat.

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Do kids need car seats in Europe?

While European car seat laws technically require that everyone* use car seats that meet EU or UN car seat standards, your American car seat will physically work in a European car. I’ve never heard of anyone being stopped or ticketed for properly restraining their child in an American car seat.

Do you need to take a car seat on holiday to Spain?

Some also have rules on using a car seat in a taxi. Note that wherever you are on holiday in the EU, your child must travel in a seat that is suitable for their size: ECE R44 and i-Size rules apply. In Spain, there is an additional requirement that all children under 135 cm tall must travel in the back seat of a car.

Do you need a baby seat in a taxi in the UK?

Taxis and minicabs (private hire vehicles)

If the driver doesn’t provide the correct child car seat, children can travel without one – but only if they travel on a rear seat: and wear an adult seat belt if they’re 3 or older. without a seat belt if they’re under 3.

Can you put baby in pram in taxi?

Taxi’s are that one exception to the stringent child car seat laws in the UK. … Government rules state that if the appropriate child seat isn’t available in the taxi then children ARE allowed to travel in the taxi, just so long as they are in the rear seat.

When can a child sit in the front seat in Spain?

As the N332 group say height is deemed now very important, more important than weight, and in Spain, a child cannot sit in the front seat if they are under 135cm. Until they are 135 cm, they must sit in the back. A booster seat from 135cm to 150 cm is advisable and the child can then sit where you want.

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Do I need a car seat in a taxi in Portugal?

Children car seats are not mandatory on taxis, they will not have it. It’s mandatory only for transfer companies, but you have to inform them previously.

Do taxis in Lanzarote have baby seats?

Private transfer companies can supply vehicles of all sizes (up to a 52 seats) and offer an easy way to get to your destination with a driver waiting for your flight in the arrivals hall ready to escort you to a waiting vehicle. They can also provide baby seats or child restraints which the taxis do not supply.

Do all countries require car seats?

These are the minimum legal requirements in Australia. It’s always safest to keep your child in a child restraint or booster seat for as long as possible, depending on his size.

Car seat laws from around the world.

Age of child The law says you must:
Over 14 years old Must use safety belts where they are available.

Do you need a car seat in a taxi in Greece?

Taxi drivers in Greece are not obliged to have a baby seat in their vehicle or even supply one. An age of 12 years or 135 cm (4 ft 5 inches) can be taken as a limit to consider if seatbelt will be allowed without the use of some special seat or not. However; there is no weight limit of the child set in this law.

Is car seat mandatory in Switzerland?

It is mandatory throughout Switzerland that all children under the age of 12 to be strapped into child restraints (baby seats, child seats, booster seats and booster cushions), unless they measure more than 150 cm.

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How can you travel without a car seat?

How can I travel with a baby without a car seat?

  1. Uber Family: In select cities, Uber offers car seats in rideshare vehicles.
  2. Public transit: Buses, trains, and the subway do not require car seats for children. …
  3. Taxis: It’s legal in most places for a baby to travel via taxi without a car seat.

How do you travel abroad with a car seat?

Your car seat will go into the hold of the airplane and often will be checked in at the oversize counter. You may want to consider having it wrapped or put into a padded bag to help protect it.

Can I take a car seat on Ryanair?

You can bring a car seat onboard for use by an infant or child as long as it is approved for aircraft use and has a 5 point harness. If you are using a car seat for an infant under 2 you will need to purchase a separate seat for them.